Challenger District

Located in the heart of the nation’s Space Coast, and a part of the Central Florida Council, Challenger district sets the gold standard when it comes to delivering a quality scouting program.

With so many adventures, and activities available today, are you ready to learn more?


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District Meetings

Meeting Time Location
District Commissioners First Thursday of every month 6:30pm-8pm Parrish Healthcare Center Cocoa
District Committee Second Thursday of every month 6:30pm-8pm TBD
District Roundtable Third Thursday of every month 6:30pm-8pm Cocoa Discovery Christian Church

Latest News

  • Challenger District CFC BSA: 2021-09-19T18:58:21+0000 September 19, 2021 6:58 pm
    Great job Pack 488! I know Pack 738 also had an amazing weekend in sales and placed an extra order with me for more product. It’s great to see units back at it this year showing how easy it is to get back into the swing of things, Covid or no Covid!
  • Challenger District CFC BSA: 2021-09-18T14:56:54+0000 September 18, 2021 2:56 pm
    I just visited the Cub Scout Pack from St. John The Evangelist Catholic Church at their popcorn show and sell at Publix on Barnes Blvd. They are killing it!!! It was non- stop sales the 15+ minutes I was there…
  • Challenger District CFC BSA: 2021-09-18T01:20:24+0000 September 18, 2021 1:20 am
    Thank you to all of the units who placed popcorn orders this week. Now that step one is complete don't forget to register to pick up your popcorn on Saturday October 2nd.
  • Challenger District CFC BSA: 2021-09-18T00:47:49+0000 September 18, 2021 12:47 am
    Thanks to all who came out to the Scouts BSA Roundtable session yesterday. I updated the presentation with a few more announcements, including a new hike offer at the MI Wildlife Refuge, and a copy of the link for the Challenger Life to Eagle workshop registration. See attached:
  • Challenger District CFC BSA: 2021-09-17T20:56:30+0000 September 17, 2021 8:56 pm
    I am looking for someone interested in being co-chair for the 2023 camp card season. This entails reaching out to leaders to confirm plans to sell, keeping units in the loop about dates and times for pick up and drop off, and making announcements in person at round table and via emails to keep units motivated and excited through the sale. Please email me at and I can get you some more information. The bulk of the help needed is December-May.
  • Challenger District CFC BSA: 2021-09-16T18:05:46+0000 September 16, 2021 6:05 pm
    Looking forward to seeing everyone at Roundtable tonight! Be sure to fill out a ticket for tonight's door prize drawing. Remember that per the August poll, we will begin American Heritage Merit Badge this evening. If you have Scouts taking advantage of this opportunity, please encourage them to arrive PRIOR TO 6:30. Also, remember to encourage OA members in your troops to attend the Kikape Chapter meeting, now held in conjunction with Roundtable.
  • Challenger District CFC BSA: 2021-09-16T17:24:26+0000 September 16, 2021 5:24 pm
    Is there any troop retiring American flags soon? I have 2 my family has given me to be retired. I'll be at Round table tonight and can bring them.
  • Challenger District CFC BSA: 2021-09-14T15:29:42+0000 September 14, 2021 3:29 pm
    Great job Troop 701 for being the first to place your second popcorn order! As a reminder to everyone else you have until Friday night.
  • Challenger District CFC BSA: 2021-09-14T02:32:43+0000 September 14, 2021 2:32 am
    A quick update regarding the bags for Scouting for Food. The bags HAVE NOT arrived yet, and therefore will NOT be handed out at the September Roundtable. They should be in shortly, though, so we’ll just shift the distribution to the October Roundtable. November will be here before you know it!
  • Challenger District CFC BSA: 2021-09-13T19:48:48+0000 September 13, 2021 7:48 pm
    All Cub Scout Parents who are registered for the Fishing Day event on 10/16 just received an email from me about a location change. Please check your emails for details and if you didn't get it send me an email at and I will figure out why.

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