How does my support impact youth?

Character Development of Scouts

In 2016 Tufts University did a 3 years study comparing the character development of youths both within and without the scouting program. What the found was that across the board, in all dimensions of character building, that the scouting program showed a significant positive impact.

You can read the study here.

How you can help

The true cost of Scouting is much greater than what local dues or event and camping fees cover. Yearly registration fees directly support the National Council of the Boy Scouts of America and help provide program development and research, literature and other resources.

Your generous tax deductible gift to the Challenger District, which provides direct funding for Scouting’s life-changing programs, is a statement about your belief in Scouting and helping young people grow into successful adults.

Please help keep Scouting strong by making an investment in our community’s future and help ensure the continued legacy of Scouting in the Challenger District

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